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About Us and Our Mission

Kevin B. Carpenter G.G. and Founder
Kevin B. Carpenter G.G. 
Founder of Green Planet Diamonds

We are a new company, offering a new choice for the modern diamond buyer. 

Why would we need a New Choice when buying diamonds?  That's already a complicated process to begin with. 

With the arrival of Affordable Lab Grown Diamonds, everyone in the diamond business was taken back by this incredible product, Including Me. 

Let's take an honest and open look at what a Lab Diamond is, and why it's disrupting the $80 Billion dollar diamond industry! 

         So are Lab Grown and Mined Diamonds the same? 

  • Both are made from the same element- Carbon.
  • Both have the same incredible Hardness- 10. 
  • Both have the same Physical and Optical properties.
  • Both have the same Beautiful appearance. 
  • Both can be Precision cut in a variety of shapes and size. 

Even the United States Federal Trade Commission agreed they are the same in their 2018 Decision. 

              There actually are Three Main Differences: 

    • Mined Diamonds have formed underground over millions of years, Lab Grown Diamonds are formed in a matter of months.                        
    • Mined Diamonds are dug from massive open pits.  Lab Grown Diamonds can be made with minimal impact to the Ecology and are  more Environmentally Friendly.                                                       
    • Diamond mining is a very expensive way to obtain a rough diamond. Lab Grown Diamonds are still expensive to create, but the costs are much lower and bring large fine quality diamonds within reach. 

    We now have a new choice.  We can buy the traditional mined diamond, or an Identical Lab Grown Diamond.  At Green Planet Diamonds we offer you both choices and at excellent prices. We have the lowest overhead in the industry and pass that savings on to you.

    Regardless of what you choose our in house Graduate Gemologist will make sure your diamond is exactly what you expected and at the most competitive price in the industry. 



    When I decided to form Green Planet Diamonds, I realized that the traditional way diamonds are sold was no longer competitive.  High retail overheads means high retail prices for consumers.   Having spend over 40 years in the retail jewelry business, I recognized that on-line sales was the most competitive way to offer customers quality diamonds. 

    I believe that if Consumers knew the facts, most would prefer to make their own choice between a traditional mined diamond or a Lab Diamond.  They just needed place to make an informed choice.  

    There will always be a market for Mined Diamonds, and Lab Grown Diamond will not replace them.  But they do offer an excellent alternative and at a much lower cost.  Compare them both and make your own informed choice.  

      The Choices You Make Define Who You Are.